Wooden early German tank antenna channel. The channel is all hand made with both wood and metal components, and is patterned off of the DML PZII plastic channel. The channel also comes with several small brass micro fastners..$60.00 each

Dragon Panzer II running gear retention bushing system set. set is designed as a modification to the dragon Panzer II plastic kit's running gear. The set is intended to allow the running gear to spin freely, but will keep the wheels on securely. Set comes with enough componnets to equip one tank, this includes the sprockets, worad wheels, return rollers, and idler wheels. All machined components and fasteners are included...$65.00 each set

Turned wood German AFV shovel replacement handle. will work on Dragon, and Armorpax shovel handles.

Untreated...$10.50 each

Fully treated...$15.50 each

Handle options
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