3D Printed V100 Armored car Rear hatch kit. Kit contains 3D printed parts for the top and bottom hatches, hinges, locks, pistol port, window locks, and latches. The kit also includes other hardware to assemble the hinge work, assist spring details, and lexan for the window. Hatches have all interior and exterior detailing present, and the latches are also fully functional...$155.00 each set

3D Printed V100 front wheel well power steering detail insert set. Set contains the wheel well insert for the power steering equipment, the steering clevis, connecting rods, HD printed hydraulic fittings, TPU hydraulic lines, hydraulic ram, hydraulic ram Shield, and metal hardware. Everything needed to assemble 1 set. Set is also designed to be functional...$120.00 each set

Note* these are pre production samples, many design changes were made to the production units*

3D Printed US AFV Tool rack. This unit will work on many US military vehicles including the, V100 armored car, M48 Patton, M46 Patton, Deuce trucks, Dodge WC series light trucks, T30 Super heavy tank... etc. Unit requires no assembly and is printed in 1 piece. Tools not included...$44.00 each

1/6th scale AS-3900 antenna base set. Set includes HD3D printed antenna base, fasteners, antenna wire end tips. Also included is a metal wire for the antenna, a cast rubber spring section, and cast rubber protective cap. Both are made from HD3D printed masters...$34.00 each set

3D Printed Commando Special tires and rims set. Set includes all tire and rim parts to assemble 4 units (enough for 1 V100. All parts are 3D printed, the rims are ABS plastic, while the tire halves are flexible TPU... $710.00 each set

3D Printed V100 / M706 lower hull drainage plug / bilge mount set. Set includes enough parts for 1 V100...$25.00 each set
*note the samples on the built model are pre production samples, the production units are slightly more improved*

3D printed V100 / M706 armored car lower hull tow hook set. Set includes enough parts to assemble 4 tow hooks, enough for 1 armored car...$38.00 each set

3D printed V100 / M706 armored car bump stops set. Set includes enough parts to assemble 4 bump stops. Enough for 1 V100 / M706 armored car...$30.00 each setbr />

1/6th scale 3D printed M73 Machinegun set. Set includes the gun, charging handle and charging handle metal chain...$40.00 each

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