M5 Stuart 3D printed headlight brush guard set. Set comes with a right and left hand side brush guard, metal connecting strip, mounting boss and two sets of fasteners. Set is available in two medias, standard and HD.

Standard material, $24.00 each set
HD material, $29.00 each set

Material Options

M5 Stuart complete resin suspension and lower hull component upgrade package. Package includes the following components, 4 Boogie top detail inserts, Bogie skid rails, 2 lower hull cleats, 2 lower hull planer access hatches, 2 lower plainer access caps, and the idler mount detail Set.....$70.00 each package.

Resin M5 Stuart boggie top detail insert complete set. Set includes 4 inserts, and Bogie skid rails...$30.00 each set

Resin M5 / M3 Stuart Bogie skid rails set. Set includes enough rails and fastener detail for one tank... $5.50 each set  

Resin US AFV Hollow head lights and tail lights set. Set includes two hollow head lights an two hollow tail lights with clear resin lenses...$30.00 Each set

Resin M2HB slotted barrel support conversion. Conversion is designed to replace the holed barrel support on the Dragon M2HB kit. Dragon kit is NOT included....$5.00 each. 

New tooling flexible resin MP-65 vehicular mast base set. Set includes one antenna base and one antenna...$9.50 each

T8E1 recon Stuart functional metal bins set. Set includes two functional bins....$150.00 each set.

T8E1 images courtesy of Jeff Neuwirth

Fully assembled MP-37 spring antenna base....$10.50 each

Fully assembled resin MP48 spring antenna base. (Soft skin armor version, includes external insulators)...$11.50 each

Fully assembled resin MP-48 spring antenna base.........$10.50 each

MVC-001S.JPG (38266 bytes) MVC-002S.JPG (39780 bytes) MVC-003S.JPG (38552 bytes) MVC-004S.JPG (38712 bytes)

Brass M5 Stuart rear deck rails set. Set includes two corner rails and one center rail...$30.00 each set

Brass M5 Stuart turret gunner's periscope brush guard....$9.50 each

Brass M5 Stuart periscope guards...$9.50 each

Clear Resin US AFV pivotable shrouded searchlight kit. Kit includes enough components for one search light...$20.00 each kit

Hollow resin US AFV pivotable shrouded searchlight kit. Kit includes clear resin lens and enough components for one hollow search light with cover cap...$26.00 each kit

Early US AFV headlight set. Set will work on most early war period US armored vehicles including the M3 Lee series , M3 Grant, M3 Stuart series, and M6 heavy tank. Set includes enough components to assemble two complete head light clusters.....$20.00 each set.

Resin 37mm M5/M6 gun barrel kit. Kit contains barrel and barrel jacket, kit will work on M3 Lee / Grant, M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart series, and LVT (A)1 Amtank.....$19.00 each

Resin M5 stuart replacement 37mm barrel......$15.00 each

Resin M5 and M3 Stuart front glacis plate pistol port kit. Kit includes two pistol port caps, 2 cap pivots, and a length of chain.....$25.00 each kit

Resin M5 Stuart rear idler mount detail set. Set includes 2 hex screw cover plates, two tension bolts , two tension nuts, a threaded plastic strip and two casted idler mount rear detail face....$15.50 each set

Resin M5 Stuart hull deck antenna mount cover cap set. Set includes 1 cap and 1 wire circle...$4.50 each set

Resin M5 Stuart Lower hull planer access caps set. Set Includes two caps.....$4.50 each set

Resin M5 Stuart lower hull planer access hatches set. Each set includes 2 hatches and 2 hinges....$10.00 each set

Resin M5 Stuart top deck fire extinguisher box kit.....$6.50 each

Resin M5 Stuart front armored air intake cover....$9.50 each

Resin M5 Stuart lower hull cleat set. Set includes 2 cleats....$15.00 each set

Resin M5 Stuart boggie top detail insert set. Set includes 4 inserts.....$25.00 each set

Resin US AFV engine fluid identification plates set. Set includes 2 Oil, 2 water, 2 gasoline, and one premix ID plates...$6.50 each set

Resin US AFV tow hitch extender. Tow hitch and tow hitch mount not included....$9.50 each


Resin US AFV funnel horn....$8.50

Resin 50.cal scope kit. Kit includes 1 scope and 1 scope mount.....$5.0 each

Resin "Insta Weld" weld beads set Set Includes 1 foot of welds...$5.00 each foot

Resin US AFV tow hitch extender, Tow hitch and tow hitch mount not included....$9.00 each

Resin US heavy AFV tow hitch kit. Kit will work for US military vehicles larger than a Jeep (ex,M3 scout car, M3 Halftrack, Dodge WC series)....$30.00 each

Resin and wood US AFV tool set. (Set includes 1 resin sledge with non treated wooden handle, 1 resin axe with non treated wooded handle, resin bogie wrench, and 1 resin pick axe head, with wooden handle.)....$25.00 each set.

Resin US AFV tow cable cleat......$1.75 each

Fully Assembled radio controlled MP48 spring antenna base.
(This component is ment to extend the radio range on any 1/6th scale US tank, *Note this component will not work with the stock RC M5 Stuart electronics)....$30.00 each

Resin US SRC-508 radio kit....$45.00 each kit

Fully assembled funtional tow cable lock.....$12.50 each


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