3D Printed Armortek King Tiger bow hatch interior detailing set. Set includes enough parts to detail two Armortek King tiger Bow Hatches (enough for 1 tank)...$56.00 each set

3D Printed Henschel king tiger rear escape hatch torsion bar guards set. Set includes 2 guards, enough for 1 King Tiger...$42.00 each set

Welded version

not welded

weld options

Functional 3D Printed King Tiger / Jagdtiger radiator / cooling fan cluster kit. Kit includes all the parts to assemble 2 complete cooling radiator clusters (enough for 1 King tiger or Jagdtiger). Sets include the following features

All 3D printed parts
12V DC Brushless fans
Left hand and right hand specific Radiator assemblies
Left hand and right hand specific fan housing assemblies
complete Interior / exterior detailing
Hollow Radiator core fins
Cooling tubing details included
gasket detailing
detailed Ductwork
HD Printed top valves w/ hose clamp details

...$1,417.00 each set 

3D printed German AFV Functional latch kit. Set comes with 5 functional latches, pins and pad lock hook wire... $15.50 each set

3D pritned German AFV tubular convoy light / round reflector set. Set comes in two options, filterless / sleeveless, and with the filter. Both convoylight options come with a round reflector...$29.00 each set

Filter options

3d Printed King Tiger road wheel hub bolt detail set. This set will replace the resin versions whuich have been on the site prior. Set includes enough components for one King Tiger along with spares. King Tiger Hubs *NOT INCLUDED*...$14.00 each set

Pre Assembled Metal King Tiger Bump Stop Set. Set includes 4 Pre assembled metal and resin bump stops (enough for 1 King tiger tank)... $270.00 each set

Resin German King Tiger Bump Stop set. Set Inclues enough parts to assemble 4 bump stops (enough for 1 King tiger tank)... $70.00 each set

Resin German tank Late style air intake kit. This component is found on later generation german tanks including but not limited to the Tiger I (late / mid) , King Tiger tanks, and the Jagdpanther. Kit contains the bottom portion, top lid, and slot screw fasteners...$9.00 each kit

Resin King Tiger complete exhust detail package set. Set includes exhaust stacks, exhaust armored covers, lift lugs, and crank handle guide...$90.00

Resin King Tiger Armored exhaust covers set. Set includes two armored covers, a set of turned steel lift lugs, and the King tiger starter crank handle guide. Exhuast stack NOT Included...$50.00 Each set

King tiger rear deck fuel breather vlaves set. Set includes 4 caps brass rods steel strips, and resin hex heads. One set is enough for one King Tiger...$20.00 each set

German AFV canvas gun muzzle bag. Bags are hand made in the USA and are offered in three colors. Your choice of green, Dark gray, and Dark Yellow...$30.00 each.

Choose Your Color

Maybach HL 230 P45 V12 engine with cyclone air filters Pre built Model. Each engine is custom built for order and is all hand built and painted.d painted.

Unweathered...1,560.00 each

Weathered...$1,600.00 each

Select your option

Maybach HL 230 P45 V12 engine with cyclone air filtration system engine bay detail insert kit. Kit is comprised of the top half of the engine and engine components. Kit is deigned to be placed in the rear portion of a tank to detail the engine bay, or to conceal any RC electronics...$460.00 each kit

Maybach HL 230 P45 V12 engine with cyclone air filtration system. complete kit. Kit contains over 80 resin and metal parts to assemble one HL230 Engine. Kit is designed for experienced modlers...$670.00 each kit.


Turned wood German AFV shovel replacement handle. will work on Dragon, and Armorpax shovel handles.

Untreated...$10.50 each

Fully treated...$15.50 each

Handle options

Resin and metal King Tiger Jack block detail upgrade set. Set comes with funtcional jack block mounts and a Jack block carying handle, Wood Block not included...$18.00

Resin King Tiger exhaust stack crank handle guide kit. Kit includes enough components to asemble one crank handle guide....$12.50 each.

Steel rear King tiger exaust cover lift bolts set. Set includes 4 lift bolts.....$6.50 each set

Resin King tiger exhausts set RC version. This set is designed to be used with the Armortek or Other 1/6th scale RC King tiger. Set includes two exhaust bases, and two machined pvc pipe adapters for hollow exhausts pipes (Not Included)....$45.00 each set.

Resin King tiger exhausts set. Set includes enough components for one king tiger....$45.00 each set.

Alluminum King Tiger suspension torsion bar cap set. Set includes two caps...$8.50 each set

Resin German tank turret covered Air filter kit. Kit includes enough metal and resin componets for one covered air filter....12.50 each

Resin butterfly wing nut set. Set Includes 4 small wing nuts and 4 larger wing nuts....2.50 each set.

Resin "Insta Weld" weld beads set Set Includes 1 foot of welds...$5.00 each foot

Resin Jagdpanther / King tiger 8.8 cm KwK 43 gun adapter ring.....$15.00 each

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